Count down to Christmas: The festive idioms you need to know

When you think of Christmas, you probably think of opening your presents on the 25th of December, an Elf on the Shelf that secretly moves around your home, turkey and bread sauce, not to mention Christmas pudding and brandy butter. Oh hang on!... Maybe you don't if you live in Germany.

There's a whole heap of Christmas traditions that we have in the UK and America that you've probably never heard of. And what is more... they have all inspired a number of festive idioms that aren't just used during the holiday season, but seem to have lasted a life-time. 

So which are the most common festive idioms that we use in business as well? Here's our count down to Christmas that should bring a smile to your face, and broaden your vocabularly at the same time:


Day 1: A dog isn't just for Christmas


Day 2: Snowed under


Day 3: Burn the candle at both ends


Day 4: The proof is in the pudding


Day 5: Put something on ice


Day 6: Have your cake and eat it


Day 7: The best things come in small packages


Day 8: Don't look a gift horse in the mouth


Day 9: Out with the old, in with the new


Day 10: Left out in the cold


Day 11: Christmas came early


Day 12: Lit up like a Christmas tree