ePod: 10 differences between British and American English

Have you often asked yourself what the big differences are between British and American English? Maybe you thought it's all simply a matter of spelling. That would be nice! But it's not quite that simple.  As George Bernard Shaw once said: "Great Britain and America are two countries divided by a common language". Experience this and more for yourself in this podcast. 

ePod: 10 tweets about English fos social media

For years we've been using specialized English in the fields of Law and HR, to name just a few. But in new increasingly connected world, that specialist language now extends to things like social media.  From words like impressions, tp views to engagement figures , reach und resonance, it can be confusing to master the language of social media in English . Even the grammar can be complicated. Find out how to be social media savvy with this podcast.


eePod: The 10 most common mistakes that Germans make when speaking English

It's really not easy to learn a new language. One of the things that you can't avoid, is the interference you get from your native language. This is when, for example, your choice of expressions or grammar is influenced by your linguistic knowlege but used incorrectly in the target language. We do it ourselves from English into German. Find out here which of the typical mistakes German speakers make. And laugh with us as we discuss our own (the other way round).