Beth Negus

                                             Managing Director



                                                                              Katja Vincent

                                                                              Head of Office

We are a boutique agency aligning our English-first services to bridge the space between two worlds. Feeling the change in your business? Well, these times deserve a fresh approach: You don't have time to learn a language — you want to absorb it like a sponge. Which takes trainers that know your business and speak your lingo. And have all the bells and whistles of our modern era to make it so!

And you need a translation of that document that you can rely on? With touch-of-a-button convenience but a familiar face on the end of the phone? Fast and affordable should still be human — this is what we are! And that translation - you should be able to track it, from translator to linguist and from linguist to editor.    

You want to be able to express yourself on the stage, in that webcast or blog? We do that too. And that brand you represent — we'll nurture it as well. Creating living content that grows with you. Afterall, this is where Beth's passion for English first found its expression. Bringing us full circle. Which fits to our belief system — because we believe no matter where this new world is taking us, we're getting there together in ripples not in lines.  

Banking-as-a-service content required by our newest client, a fintech company. 


Katja Vincent  joins as Head of Office

eWord supports the ASAC agency with ongoing English-first copy for Porsche Motorsports

eWord continues great work with SCHMIDHUBER including supporting on the Audi account. 


Emily Wachelka  joins the eStory team

Rebrand!!!! eLearn, eWord and eStory are born (well - formalised)


(Find out more about our Vision, Mission, Purpose and
Values. They are what keep our eWorld turning - and we're told that when you work with us, they become part of your world too.)

eStory team gets down to it for an IT company needing a new brand story and narrative

Work includes weaving the new narrative into all copy on a 100 page website. Good thing we're great at word couture

eWord wins super exciting opportunity to work with leading University

Can't say anything more, but boy oh boy are we all excited!


Sarah Herrmann-Hopwood  takes on the ropes as Head of eLearn and wows us all with her personality, attitude and spirit. What a fit!

eStory acquires prestigious  new Fintech company as client

eLearn wins  global law firm


Rebecca Innerhofer  joins as Head of Operations and gets her hands dirty immediately with our "Digital First" strategy

Megan Lindsay, Sarah Herrmann-Hopwood, Philippa and Carr  join the team

eStory acquires new innovation world  LabCampus as client

eWord gets involved in a transcreation job with a difference. This one's using video mapping for an international event - and we have to work with the 3D  designers to turn words into creative pictures


Bridget Gibb, Andrea Antzack, Gina D'Angelo  join the team

eStory acquires new C-level client


Russ Leonard and Jon Shepherd  join the eStory team

eStory works with Lux Consulting on ethical business assignment   including a speech entitled "Prudence as Strategy"- how organizations build sustainability principes into their DNA. 

eStory takes a giant leap into the future of its develpment and starts working with Software AG. A brand we not only represent, but champion  as friends and believers


Simon  Rees joins the team and Silvia Schager too.

eWord gets sensational opportunity to transcreate the Volkswagen Wholesalers Sustainability Concept

eWord expands the Schmidhuber account to support with translation of newsletters, blogs and help with creative concepts


Sonja Clarke  joins the team

eLearn starts to work with Schmidhuber   a totally inspiring spatial communications agency that have taught us as much as we've (hopefully) taught them

eLearn starts to work with other ministeries and the parliament. One of our specialisms is still "English for EU Law".


Harry Waterstone and Thiery Feraud  join the team

eLearn starts to work with  PKF   and expand it's footprint into finance and tax advisory services

eLearn starts to work with the Staatskanzlei. We're not at liberty to say more, but it opened a huge door to a very important niche in our business. And 10 years down the line, the door is still wide open.


Beth Negus  sets up executive english as a freelancer

And the rest is history....